The Hunger Games: Characterization and Plot Elements (Novel Project)

Book: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins

When writing a book, authors assign different characteristics (physical and psychlogical) to the characters they make, which makes you feel in different ways for different characters. These feeling you have towards characters are often made by the character´s actions, which reflect their characteristics. In this book I chose to analyze Katniss, the main character, 16-year-old girl from District 12, one of the poorest districts of Panem (the country that occupies once-called “North America”).

Katniss is 16 years old and lives in District 12. She lives with her mother and her sister named Primrose (nicknamed Prim). Katniss´s father died 5 years ago. Katniss and her family are very poor, and are always short of food, so Katniss frequently goes to the forest to gather food, and once in while, hunt a rabbit or a squirrel. The author made me feel sorry and merciful for Katniss by describing in the poor conditions that she lives. She also makes me feel that she is a good person by telling that she goes to the forest to gather food for her family, and makes her best to feed the family. The author made me feel kind of bad for the mother of Katniss because the author never mentions her doing something good for the family; instead, Katniss seems to be the one that sustains the family. Katniss has a best friend named Gale. He helps Katniss in everything, and is always on her side. He is someone Katniss can always rely on. They usually go together to the forest to gather food, and then go to the market to trade what they´ve collected. All these good qualities that the author describes about Gale make me feel good about him, and makes me have an image of Gale as a good person, a good friend and partner. Katniss doesnt seema to have a deep dark secret, but she does have something to hide, which I believe is going to the forest to gather food, because it is forbidden. The fact that Katniss is able and willing to break rules and to cross boundaries creates an image of an adventourus, curious, and abitious person.

Katniss´s ambition isnt much revealed until the Hunger Games start. Her abmition pretty much seems to survive.She has a second ambition, which is avoid Prim being chosen for the Hunger Games. At the beginning of the book it is mentioned that Katniss always carries her forage bag to go to the forest. That as well contributes to the adventourus image I have for Katniss.

The author uses the plot to make you predict or infer future events by giving you “clues” in past events, but there can also be surprises. When I say surprise, I mean that the author makes you think that something specific will happen, but it doesnt. For example, in the book it is mentioned that Gale has his name written 42 times for the Hunger Games, and that Katniss has her name written 20 times. For me it was pretty obvious that both of them were going to be chosen…and they werent (although Katniss volunteers for her sister). When Katniss is now in the Hunger Games, it is very predictable that she had to survive somehow, or else the book would a dead end. But there is the mysrtery: how will she survive. This makes the book really exciting and makes you want to keep reading. Its amazing how the author makes you feel all these different emotions in a book. At the end of the book, when both Peeta and Katniss threaten to commit suicide if they didnt let them both survive, it was extremely predictable and obvious that they were going to let them survive at the end. This is becuase then the story would be ridicoulus (at least for me) if they just commit suicide and that´s the end.

The author establishes a mood for the book as well. This is a brilliant tool for the reader to really understand the enviornment in which the story is happening, therefore, feel what the characters are feeling and making the book a journey adventure for the reader. I personally think that Suzanne Collins made a great job in this. For example, at the beginning, she sets the perfect mood for us to understand the awful conditions in which Katniss lives in. She puts in a negative mood, with a shot of “dont give up” attitude. This made me really understand and feel the enviornment in which the story happens.

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